Our Mission


The Sonic Jungle is a carefully curated Cultural Oasis, rooted in environmental and social impact, for the creative and the curious of New York City.

In early 2015, brothers Andrew and David Goldin identified a missing link in the sustainability movement: the human connection to the power of nature, especially in our increasingly urban and technology-driven world. The Goldin brothers, passionate about environmental impact and holistic living, sought to bring nature back into people's lives.

Andrew, a wellness and health professional, and David, an artist and designer, believe that reconnecting humans to nature begins with helping said humans to be their healthiest, strongest, and best selves. Through the prioritization of natural wellness, accessibility to music and art from around the globe, and exposure to eco-technology, people can collaborate, learn and have fun while imaging a healthier planet. The Sonic Jungle is a playground where mental and physical senses are harnessed for impact. 

In the winter and spring of 2017, The Sonic Jungle will produce three Pop-Up events in a newly built 44,000 sq ft concrete canvas, located in Brooklyn's beautiful Lefferts Gardens. These events are a preview for the permanent manifestation of The Sonic Jungle vision: a venue that will open in Bushwick in 2018, which will house an artist residency, host weekly fundraisers for different sustainability causes each month, and provide affordable and accessible co-op workspace for creatives, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

The event series will showcase music, art, wellness, and eco-technology as catalysts for social impact, as well as the power of nature as a healer, nourisher, stimulant and inspirational force that sustains humanity. It will feature three floors of live performances, meditation and healing lounges, art galleries and installations, interactive technology VR experiences, an herbal apothecary, film screenings, and all-night dancing.

The Sonic Jungle's Bushwick space will also house a large rooftop garden, engaging local urban farmers and herbalists to grow produce and medicinal herbs, and host a lecture series about urban farming and sustainability solutions. By night, The Sonic Jungle will continue to reinvigorate New York City nightlife by hosting purposeful parties that provide people with a place where they can celebrate, connect with like-minded people and enjoy healthy alternative mood enhancers. 

It’s an inspirational space where people can create and collaborate for the common cause of making positive change. For us, the goal is to create a home, a community, a family, and to fuel this fight that we need to have to save the environment.
— Andrew Goldin, Co-Founder
 Andrew Goldin, Founder

Andrew Goldin, Founder


Choosing collaboration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

The Sonic Jungle strives to set an example for other business to act more sustainably. Our goal is to be in every city around the globe, to create platforms for awareness, and for people to come into The Sonic Jungle and learn about sustainable solutions through transformative cultural experiences. It's the most logical and progressive way to create change.

We are helping people to understand these concepts from within an environment where they can fuel their best selves and activate the Change Agent within them. We are a blueprint for all enterprises to start, for example, using their rooftops to grow the herbs and the food that we grow within our own space, to implement new technologies that are sustainable and simple to build, and to engage all stakeholders to help create this change. The Sonic Jungle is just the first step. 

 Source:  unsplash.com

Source: unsplash.com

 Source:  skitterphoto.com

Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

The Sonic Jungle is creating a mission-oriented community that is established as the next wave of creative collaboration. This community values human wellness and human-centered-design as the foundation for success in achieving long-term measurable environmental and social impact.