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During The Sonic Jungle, Amelia Broughton and Susanna Choe will be holding space for attendees to connect on an intimate level to gain deep awareness of one another and understand what it's like to be 'you', why you do what you do and how you do it.

During each session, we will shape a container for discussion, ranging from topics of interconnection, curiosity, creativity, desire and love.
— Susanna Choe, Project Facilitator
 Amelia relating during an Alchemy of Connection Session

Amelia relating during an Alchemy of Connection Session

These sessions will be a glimpse into an event series called The Alchemy of Connection which was spawned by the perceived need for deeper connection with self and with those around us to create more happiness, compassion and understanding of humans around the world. The mission of these events is to connect, uplift, empower and co-create a world we want to live in by collaborating with like-minded individuals, as well as find common ground with humans with various backgrounds and opinions. 

The tools that they will be using to facilitate these sessions are called 'circling' and 'authentic relating' exercises. This upcoming summer, they will host a summer camp for adults called 'Connection Camp' where they will be taking these sessions to another level for an immersive four day weekend. Here's more information on these practices and games and why it's important in the world we live in today. 

 Circling during an Alchemy of Connection Session

Circling during an Alchemy of Connection Session

1. What is Circling?

“Circling is a unique practice that facilitates connection and self-expression. Part art form, part meditation, part group conversation, Circling has been described as “interactive intimacy”, “social intercourse”, or (my favorite), “A structured way to love the crap out of someone.”

In a circle, you’ll join a group of people to have a conversation about what’s actually happening for you, and between you, right here and now. You’ll get a visceral sense of what others feel, think, and experience around you, and develop a meditation practice for bringing your embodied self naturally out into the world.

WARNING: Side effects of Circling may include expanded self-awareness, breathtaking perspective shifts, and irrepressible joy. We are not liable for any life­long friendships or relationships that may occur.”

-From Authentic Revolution -

It’s practicing using our genuine curiosity to better understand and become a connoisseur of another person’s world through present moment awareness while breaking through the assumptions and projections we have about each other.

Different than sitting on a meditation cushion by yourself, Circling is a relational practice.  And though it works exquisitely in intimate relationships of all kinds, it can be applied in ALL areas of life because it’s so organic, non-analytical, effective, and fun.

-From Integral Center -

 Partnering during an Alchemy of Connection Session

Partnering during an Alchemy of Connection Session

2. What are Authentic Relating Games?

“Whether it’s with friends, partners, or coffeeshop strangers, our lives are a weave of the interactions we facilitate. Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, masterfully led experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.”

“Authentic Relating is a unique practice in the art of true relating as a spiritual practice. There is richness available in all our relationships when we practice staying deeply connected to ourselves and our truth while feeling, hearing and connecting to others in the moment. 

-From Authentic Revolution -

Authentic Relating Games Nights are events where we hold Authentic Relating Games: fun and highly-interactive group exercises that explore ways of seeing, connecting, and appreciating yourself and others at a deeper level.”

-From beingLoved -

 A Cuddle Puddle during an Alchemy of Connection Session

A Cuddle Puddle during an Alchemy of Connection Session

What’s the big deal?

In the technological world we live in, we are more digitally connected than ever.  Every day billions of people are cross checking, downloading information about one another and swiping left, right, up and down to quickly intake everything that is happening around them.  We are living in a world that seems to be more concerned with looking down at an inanimate object than seeing the magic in another person’s eyes and listening to each others sharing.   

Loneliness is a modern-day epidemic.  The irony in our global connection is that people are more disconnected from themselves and each other than ever before.  People are more stressed out, dissatisfied, overworked and fear for their futures. We are living in a world that seems to have forgotten how important it is to spend time with one another and connect on an intimate level.  

We know the feeling of hopelessness and fear, and we are present to the state of miscommunication and disconnect in the world. We have the power to provide excellence and human connection in profoundly invaluable capacities. Just one look at social media can spin us into a swirl of emotions, which is why we must continue to come together, to support one another, and connect with each other. 

The Opportunity

Through this work we provide the outline for profound levels of connection.  We provide a space where you get to show up fully, inspire others, and share who you truly are with the world.  We welcome you as you are.  Circling and Authentic Relating Games provide the structure to allow people to come together and explore the impact we have as individuals, together, and as a community.  

This work provides the skills to create deep, meaningful relationships with people and impact the way we show up, communicate and listen in the face of fear, joy, disconnection, and understanding. Authentic Relating creates leaders that are socially and emotionally intelligent through the exploration of personal impact in relational dynamics. 

For example... If I ask "how are you?" and you say "good" and you ask me the same question and I also reply "good", there is a likelihood that our versions of "good" are different.  Through the use of simple techniques, we can take informational conversations to a deeper level of relating. By getting curious and listening to what someone has to say instead of going on autopilot with the ever so common response, we have the ability to leave an everlasting impact and create meaningful interactions with our peers.

We believe that we can level up this practice by cultivating deeper awareness in ourselves and each other, and in turn, listen and communicate with our peers differently.  As we ”connect the dots" in this increasingly globalized world and try to figure out how we can collectively work together as global citizens, this distinction is a powerful way of enhancing our human experience.

Andrew Goldin